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    EFFORT MACHINERY In January 2017 international exhibition of plastic in mumbai

    2016-08-08 16:56:19   COMMENT:0 clicks:
    I company in 2017 in mumbai, India on January 19 to 23, international exhibition center in January 2017 the 10th international exhibition of plastic in mumbai, India
    In mumbai, India international plastics industry exposition has been one of the world's ten biggest plastic professional exhibition, has maintained a high popularity in the world and the profound influence. The exhibition sponsored by the all India manufacturing association (AIPMA), is expected to have come from more than 60 countries, 1500 Indian and foreign well-known enterprises exhibitors, more than 25000 professionals to visit procurement. This session of 17 years mumbai international plastics exhibition hall area of 90000 square meters, the exposition will have plastic industry well-known enterprises demonstrate the use of plastic machinery and equipment, mold, printing machinery and packaging machinery and equipment operation.

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