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    EFFORT MACHINERY will take part in Chinaplas 2014

    2014-04-10 09:51:25   COMMENT:0 clicks:
    EFFORT Machinery is preparing for Chinaplus which will be held in Shanghai New international Expo Center in April 23-26 2014. 
    EFFORT has just developed the series of planetary extruder :EFT125, EFT150, EFT170, EFT190, EFT220 and EFT250,which are just hit the need of the new generation of extruders in the market
    As international market becomes warmer, the manufacturers of plastic extruders get confidence again. EFFORT brand as a new star on the extrusion market, always learns, shows out modestly; she embraces full passion and high morale, wants to make the further improvement of extrusion technology along with other plastic extruder makers all over the world.


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