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    The concentration leads to success.
    · Expected: in 2014 the machinery industry production and sales growth will reach [2014-03-24 clicks:75]
    Is expected in 2014 the machinery industry production and sales growth of around 13%, profit growth rate in about 10%, export growth in the 5%~8%. In 2013, China&#39;s machinery industry achieved a slow recovery, moderate growth,... [Read the whole passage]
    · Innovative product development hardware tools to break the "import dependency" [2014-03-24 clicks:69]
    Last year, in the hardware market, European and American developed countries due to rapid production technology development and labor prices, will generally products by developing production, only the production of high value-added... [Read the whole passage]
    · Looking to the future development trend of construction machinery industry in 20 [2014-03-24 clicks:50]
    It is understood, mechanical industry enterprise feedback after the Spring Festival demand has rebounded, but most enterprises that power is weak, worse than expected, the machine tool industry reflect, February has lost optimism ... [Read the whole passage]
    · The machine changes enhance the development of space frequency industry welcome [2014-03-24 clicks:27]
    Although the 2008 global economic crisis has caused a serious impact on the national economy, but because of China government timely adopted policies to stimulate the economy, therefore, when the injury on China inverter industry... [Read the whole passage]
    · Ministry of Agriculture: to promote technology innovation of agricultural produc [2014-03-24 clicks:12]
    A number of advanced technology and machinery used in the processing of agricultural products in a preliminary extension, introduced foreign advanced technology and equipment, has obtained the good economic efficiency, promote the ... [Read the whole passage]
    · Engineering machinery industry. Structural problems on Sharing Technology [2014-03-24 clicks:23]
    Last Thursday, two session of the twelve National People&#39;s Congress after the closing, said Premier Li Keqiang Golden Hall in the Great Hall of the people answered questions from Chinese and foreign press, China economy to ... [Read the whole passage]
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