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    The machine changes enhance the development of space frequency industry welcome

    2014-03-24 11:26:07   COMMENT:0 clicks:
    Although the 2008 global economic crisis has caused a serious impact on the national economy, but because of China government timely adopted policies to stimulate the economy, therefore, when the injury on China inverter industry although also has certain influence, is slowing down, but still maintained a good growth, in 2010 reached a peak of nearly five years; however, under the continuing impact of the international economic crisis, the combined action of many factors on the domestic financial regulation, energy saving and emission reduction of investment in infrastructure and a decline in inflation, Chinese economic development problems, the wound directly led to a shocking -12%
    The past year is the most difficult Chinese inverter industry a year? It is reported, the whole industry profit margins are still continued to decline, some manufacturers low-end products is the price of cabbage, the fierce competition remarkable, therefore, the future market may be more difficult, China inverter industry needs to seize all opportunities, realize the counterattack.
    In the 2013 and subsequent years, we do not lack opportunities: China dream, to achieve steady economic growth and create beautiful China, in improving living environment, education environment, human environment and system construction; new urbanization, need to improve the people's livelihood, optimize the market construction; population bonus disappears, automation has become a manufacturing industry improve the production efficiency of the road to redemption in 2013 is thought by many experts to be the last year of the demographic dividend Chinese, years before has been the recruitment difficult problems in later will become increasingly fierce, at this time, Southeast Asia has the advantage of labor cost. A large number of orders Chinese manufacturing industry, how to continue to occupy a space for one person China manufacturing in global manufacturing layout? Only by upgrading the manufacturing base, rapidly up the value chain, and the automation is one of the most important ring.
    The population bonus disappears for Chinese manufacturing industry may have a greater impact, especially labor-intensive enterprises, but in the long run, for the automation industry Chinese, you can be a good news, the machine was to great development space and industrial automation, perhaps this is an important opportunity for Inverter Industry: the.

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