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    Expected: in 2014 the machinery industry production and sales growth will reach

    2014-03-24 11:24:40   COMMENT:0 clicks:
    Is expected in 2014 the machinery industry production and sales growth of around 13%, profit growth rate in about 10%, export growth in the 5%~8%.
    In 2013, China's machinery industry achieved a slow recovery, moderate growth, steady development. At the same time, the machinery industry in the industrial structure, product structure and the market demand contradiction still exists, the low-end, high-end production overcapacity contradiction less prominent, corporate profits continue to decline, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. China Federation of machinery industry is expected in 2014, China's machinery industry, operation does not fluctuate greatly, the total demand will moderate growth, demand or low stabilization.
    Smooth operation of mechanical industry in 2013
    In 2013, China's machinery industry added value growth rate of 10.9%, higher than the national industry 1.2 percentage points; machinery industry main business revenue growth, an increase in 12%~13% between each month in 2013.
    Machinery industry production and sales growth. In 64 kinds of machinery industrial products released by the National Bureau of statistics in 2013, January ~12 month production year-on-year growth of 39, accounted for 60.9%; yield fell 25, accounted for 39.06%. Specific view, 2013, agricultural products, automobile in China passenger car, instrumentation and other industries and products output growth is good; the investment products in machine tools, engineering machinery, heavy machinery, power generation equipment and other typical production fell sharply, industry related enterprises are under pressure is greater than in 2012; excavator, metal cutting machine tools, metal rolling equipment dropped significantly, but the momentum slowed down month by month.
    Profit growth higher than sales growth. 2013 January ~11 months, China's machinery industry to achieve a total profit of 1215000000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 15.68%, higher than the main business revenue growth of 2.22 percentage points. In 2013 November the machinery industry realized a total profit of 162717000000 yuan, year highs, a year-on-year growth of 19.26%, higher than the main business revenue growth 2.22 percentage points.

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